Industry Update – June 2022


Melbourne’s continued success as Australia’s largest general cargo and container port relies on effective coordination and collaboration across a broad network of port users, transport and logistics operators and other stakeholders. Port of Melbourne (PoM) completed its annual industry consultation program across March and April, with more than 60 stakeholders participating through online forums and meetings.  We received valuable feedback on a range of issues – from tariffs through to port performance measures, and our approach to engagement on port development.

PoM has now finalised its Tariff Compliance Statement (TCS) for 22-23, having considered the feedback we received. The TCS and the Reference Tariff Schedule for the year ahead can be found on our  website . We are highly attuned to the importance of engaging with stakeholders on port development matters and the stakeholder feedback we received will be used to inform our approach to engagement on port development later this year.

We look forward to continuing to consult with port users and other stakeholders to ensure the Port is operated and developed in the interests of the Victorian economy and Victorian consumers.

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Best regards

Saul Cannon
Chief Executive Officer

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