In May 2022, Port of Melbourne (PoM) committed to an Undertaking  to the Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Danny Pearson MP, Essential Services Commission (ESC) Minister. This Undertaking was in response the ESC’s review of PoM’s compliance with its Pricing Order.

As part the Undertaking, PoM released the draft Pricing Order Engagement Protocol (POEP) on 2 September 2022 for consultation.

In addition to the draft POEP, PoM has prepared a summary of its 2022 Industry Consultation Program.  Feedback from stakeholders received through this program has helped inform the draft POEP.  The summary report can be download here.

PoM continues to grow and enhance its stakeholder engagement capability, as we operate and develop the port in the interests of the Victorian economy and consumers We are updating our internal business systems and processes to support the implantation of the PEOP and support our stakeholder engagement practice to reference the IAP2 framework.  This will include training staff to support its implementation.

Please submit your feedback by 30 September 2022 , through these channels:

PoM welcomes all feedback about the POEP and will amend the protocol as required. A final version of the POEP will be published in late 2022.

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